Lego MSI Gaming PC Build

Proof that with Lego, Everything Is MORE Awesome. Even the stuff that already is.

Lego PC builds are by no means a new thing. They have been around a while, and as a matter of fact, one of the earliest Leg builds to be used as a computer case was created in 1996 by Sergey Brin and Larry Page, to house a testing server for the original Pagerank algorithm used by Google to rank websites up to the early 2010s.

While Duplo blocks may have seemed like an odd choice for a semi-professional server PC, logic dictated a requirement for stronger, more durable materials, compared to the smaller and perhaps more expensive regular bricks, making it for a more structurally sound case.

With that said, the popularity of Lego bricks with more high-end projects has created a market that transcends more spartan views with regard to structural integrity and build durability, as demonstrated by this colorful build, created by MSI builders Stan and Brad, who decided to incorporate gaming PC components into a 100% Lego case, which includes RGB lighting, and a full-size GeForce 3080-Ti RTX graphic card.

Since Google’s original server from the mid-90s, PC components have evolved to be smaller, lighter, and more simple to install and manage within most ATX PC enclosures. This makes building a relatively sleek gaming PC case in Lego, rather simple, albeit still not for the novice. This particular build does not make use of liquid cooling or anything too extravagant, however it deserves points for creativity and color choice.

Surprisingly, most cooling fans and parts that require a “window” for ventilation seem to fit nicely within the space provided by the bricks, without any visible “cheats”. Internal parts, including the mainboard, appear to slot-in perfectly, with enough room for connectors accessibility.